Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old metal

Don't get me wrong, my Grandpa is a righteous dude. But how amazing would it be to go over to your pep pep's house for thanksgiving and blare some Maiden while wearing evil looking pullover sweaters?

Ashdautas kvlt blackness

Printed some more of these today. Sick ass big print with Discharge ink! The other side is the logo. If you saw them play with Bone Awl and Volahn (another No Class patron) you might of been lucky enough to grab one of these. If not I believe they will be mail ordering them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Worship or DIE!!!

Getting Artsy in the Bay

Was part of a group show up in San Mateo at Sweet Breams. Pretty sweet turn out for the show. Some other cool art people involved were Ghost Ghost Teeth and Reed Birklund.

Here is some of the stuff I brought. You can go see 'em in person if your in the area, the show runs till next month.

Since I was up in the area I stopped by the Skinner exhibit at 111 Minna.

If your not familiar with Skinner you're probably pretty lame and should correct that by looking up his stuff. Pretty amazing death metal inspired visions of mythological madness. Definitely not for the false.

After all that I stopped by Tankcrimes HQ to catch up with my buddy Scotty and have secret talks about secret upcoming projects.
So yeah, go by Sweet Breams and check out some cool things.